When we think of Belize music we think Caribbean Style, Reggae, Soca. However Belize is a melting pot where songs can really come from any genre because in general, Belize Destination Weddings are meant to be more laid back, less formal and therefore, there are no rules.
But for a wedding on an Island or tropical setting, you do want to choose songs that are fun, more carefree and that convey that Tropical Island feel.
Keep in mind where in your wedding you plan on using the songs of course. You will need something sombre and more romantic for your walk down the aisle and something more upbeat and fun for your recessional.
Don’t forget to select a few songs for cocktail hour you don’t want something that’s overly engaging but yet you want to create a feel good atmosphere to get your guests in the right mood.
For your reception you will need another upbeat song for the grand entrance and maybe something romantic or a song that is special to the both of you for your first dance. After dinner you want to get the party started so pick fun songs that will get your guest bouncing to the groove. Whatever type of music you choose, make sure it reflects the feel of being carefree and inspires people to dance, choose songs with lyrics that speak of loving life , the beach , the sea and of course of being in love.
But don’t forget that it’s your big day and you can do whatever you want! So if you want to walk up to Aisle to ‘It’s my life by bon Jovi’ by all means, it’s your Wedding!
Below are our top songs for a Belize Destination Wedding:

1. “Pirates Of The Caribbean”

Now this is not your usual wedding music but the way these songs were blended together would work well for a destination wedding couple with a more adventurous flare. It would be a fun entrance for a beach ceremony especially for Pirate fans. I can picture the grooms men marching in and breaking out into a sword fight. This entrance music will have all your guest feeling like they are in a Pirates of the Caribbean Movie. The theme song will be more upbeat and exciting for the wedding party then as the bride is revealed the music slows down and has a more enchanting romantic feel.

2. “Take My Hand”

A perfect song for walking down the aisle, first dance or even just have it on your play list. The lyrics speak words of respect to the father of the bride and spending your life with your loved one.

3. “Run Run Run” by Celeste Bucking ham
I can picture a bride doing a special dance to this with her bridesmaids maybe teasing her groom a little bit. This is for those Brides that know they have their groom wrapped around their finger (I have met a few of these ladies and guess what that guy is always more than happy to do whatever makes their bride happy)

4. “I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You” UB40
Some things were meant to be and UB40 is meant to be played at any Caribbean wedding. The trumpets in the background of this song are awesome. These guys just sound like they are from the tropics. I really don’t know where they are from but ever since I was a child I would hear UB40 songs being played all over the Island. They have a few songs you can use for a wedding like “here I am” and let’s not forget “Red Red wine”.

5. “Set fire To The Rain” Adelle
We all love listening to Adele. We listen to Adele while driving, cleaning and of course we belt out to her songs in the shower. She is a big part of the music world, so how do we incorporate her into our wedding playlist without making it seem so serious? Easy peasy guys you mix in a little reggae tune and tada we have a tropical laid back feeling. I searched some other good songs and guess what you can pretty much incorporate a little reggae into most songs also listen to Firework by Katy Perry the reggae version.

6. “You Look So Beautiful In White” West Life

I mean this song just screams wedding. Need I say more?

7. “keeper of the stars” Tracy Byrd

We have quite a few country loving folk come down to Belize for their weddings and trust me Belize is no stranger to Country Music, Belizeans Love country I would know my dad Dennis Wolfe made a living singing country on this little Island. So if it’s what you like there are plenty of country love songs to choose from for your ceremony and of course lots of fun dancing songs! I picked this one because my significant other always sings it to me and the lyrics are very suitable for weddings.

8. “Love Me Like You Do” Ellie Goulding

For our sensual more modern bride this is a good song to walk up the aisle to especially for those very intimate “Just The Two Of Us” weddings.

9. Jack Johnson

I absolutely love his voice and the sound of his music I couldn’t pick one specific song but if it were my choice I would say walk down the aisle to “Angel” and exit with your groom to “Better Together.”  Whatever you do make sure you include some Jack Johnson in your wedding play list his songs are easy listening and speak of all things wonderful, so it’s perfect music for dinner and cocktail hour.

10. “Here Comes the Sun” Instrumental

Keep it classy by using a instrumental song. This song reminds me of a good friends wedding. It really gave me butterflies while she walked down her beach aisle and the sun came out from behind the rain clouds that had just passed over us.  It was just all so perfect.  You can pick your favorite modern or non modern songs and get the instrumental version to it to make it classy for walking down the aisle.

Wow we are already at 10 songs! There are so many more songs I want to mention like Colbie’s “I do” and Shania’s “from this moment” she is always a great one for romantic songs, “Thinking out loud” has been a big hit and of course “somewhere over the rainbow is a classic.” I’ll just let you guys figure out what best suits you! Good luck and remember it’s your day you can have it your way.

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