It all started when my phone rang. I answered and said “Hi this is Melody” Jason’s reply was “Are you The Melody” I said “well last I checked I was” he said “ Perfect just the person I was trying to reach my sources tell me you are the best person to talk to” He then jumped into, “I’m going to be staying at The Phoenix Resort in two weeks, and I want to marry the love of my life. I want everything last detail planned out and I don’t want her to worry about anything. Everything needs to be over-the-top perfect. What is most important to me is that she feels extremely special. Can you make that happen?“

“Yes, NO problema Senor! Making things extra special is my specialty ”



Two weeks fly by quick and before I know it Jason and Tiffany are here. I go to meet them at the Phoenix Resort to go over the plan with Jason.  Tiffany still has not one clue what we have planned all she knows is that they are getting married. She doesn’t know where or how we are getting there. I tell Jason the details and let him know that I will be going ahead to a secluded beach so my assistant Aylin will stay behind to keep Tiffany company while she is getting ready and make sure Tiffany has everything she needs.





It’s wedding day: Tiffany is in her master suite at the Phoenix Resort getting her makeup done. Jason is chilling on the deck overlooking the blue waters of Belize getting fresh air before he starts to get ready and I am off to a secluded beach on the West side of the Ambergris Caye Belize to set up a deluxe wedding picnic with the whole works: chocolates and cake from the Belize Chocolate Company, wine and a beautiful cheese platter from Wine De Vine and to top it all off we will have local musician Dennis Wolfe Jr. there to serenade them.Jason_Tiffany_-_Sandbar_Wedding_Ambergris_Caye_Belize_SS_-6



I get the call from captain Johnny that they are leaving The Phoenix and heading our way. They arrive and you can see that Tiffany is so excited. Dennis is playing one of their favorite tunes. Photographer Jose Luis Zapata snaps a few pictures. Then the wedding day team and I take a half hour boat ride in order to give them some privacy. We return to pick them up and Tiffany is so happy with everything so far – she loved all the custom love messages and special touches. She says “its so perfect here do we have to go somewhere else to get married?’ I respond “Yes your husband asked for magical and magical is what you will get”





We arrive at the Sandbar and it’s just that “magical” the sun is starting to set and the sandbar looks like it is floating on rays of sunlight reflecting on the water. Jason and our officiant Mrs. Iraida Gonzales stand on the very tip of the sandbar with the waves gently touching their feet. The floating sandbar works magnificently for a wedding aisle and as music fills the air Tiffany walks towards Jason. As they proclaim their love for one another and exchange vows there is just no way to hold back the happy tears.  Jason looks at Tiffany like she is the most beautiful woman on the planet and Tiffany gazes into his eyes like she never wants to look away. (Oh by the way to clue you guys in Jason and Tiffany have been together for over 10 years and have three kids…. The magic is still there!) It was so amazing to see two people still so in love with each other after all their years together. Their love for each other is unquestionable.







The beautiful couple are officially married in Belize on a magical sandbar. We pop open a bottle of champagne on the boat to celebrate. To end their special day I shuttle them to the  Victoria  House for dinner and say goodbye. They enjoy a dinner on a private dock where they can look out onto the caribbean sea by candle light. It couldn’t have gone more perfect if I planned it myself. Another Dulce Belize Destination Wedding Success!




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