Le’naya and Brandon’s rainy April Wedding in Belize wasn’t what they planned on but they did have a beautiful wedding day! 



From the beginning they were pretty laid back ! They inquired, booked, had a few phone consultations, landed in Belize a few days before their wedding and fully put their trust into the vendors we hired to make their wedding day in Belize special.   Even though the day of the wedding started with heavy rains, Le’naya and Brandon never let it seem like it would ruin their big day.  A page many couples can take out of their book: wedding day vibes lie solely on you! We can control the music, we can control the food, we can even take the mic away from your buddy if he rambles on too long during his drunk toast, but we cannot control the weather or how you will react to it.

Wedding ceremony in Belize

A rainy Wedding in Belize


Even on days when it seems like rain, I am typically optimistic about it clearing up, but let me be completely honest here: even though I was hopeful it just didn’t seem like it would clear so we started moving furniture to make room for dancing inside. With only 25 guests, we knew there was plenty of space in the Villa for the wedding reception, so the couple opted to not rent a tent (something I do recommend as a back-up plan but since it was just not in the budget our plan B was moving indoors ).


Belize Wedding Backdrop

Natures Dramatic Belize Wedding Backdrop


Much to everyone’s surprise, a half hour before the ceremony the skies cleared up!  It seemed like someone opened up the curtains of heaven and the overcast skies made for a dramatic and very romantic background something that would have not happened if it hadn’t rained before the wedding. 


get married in belize

Getting Married in Belize

It ended up being perfect lighting for wedding photos! The greens in the background were vibrant, the air smelled fresh, everyone enjoyed the cool breeze, everything went pretty much as planned (well, that depends on if you ask me, or our set-up team who were soaked for half the day) and according to Island superstition Le’naya and Brandon are extremely blessed and will be happily married for many years to come!


Sunset wedding photo in Belize

Sunset Wedding Photo in Belize


 I asked Le’naya  and Brandon 2 questions: 

What was your favorite part of your wedding day?

“Our favorite party of the wedding, other than the amazing food and decor, was of course the dancing! DJ Debbie kept the party going with her fun and upbeat music. Everyone thought the limbo was so fun! We had so many compliments, I think we convinced most of our friends that a destination wedding on the beach is the way to go!”


belize wedding dj

Dancing to the music of Wedding D.J in Belize


What is your advice to other wedding couples? 

“Our advice for all the other wedding couples getting married in Belize would be to not worry! Melody has everything covered from the flowers, food, decorations and timeline. There really isn’t anything you need be concerned about. It will all turn out wonderful!”

Beutiful wedding ceremony in Belize

Beautiful wedding ceremony in Belize

So for all those couples who ask me “what happens if it rains?”  and sometimes it does rain in paradise . My answer is “we plan on it, we rent a tent, we bring pretty umbrellas, If we have the choice to move indoors we do but typically it is scattered showers and there is always  a break long enough to have the fifteen minute wedding ceremony. The  most important thing to remember  is that your attitude will set the tone of your entire celebration.  It’s a beautiful occasion and if you’re like “let’s dance in the rain” then your guests will be right there with you!” and so will this Belize wedding coordinator!

Belize wedding Reception

Belize Wedding Dinner Reception

and let’s face it, if you are adventurous enough to plan a destination wedding in Belize you should be prepared for anything and everything! Including gorgeous wedding backdrops that nature provides even if you get a little bit wet!

Sunset Wedding

Sunset Wedding


Photography: Jose Luis Zapata

Coordinator: Melody Sanchez Wolfe

Wedding Location: North Ambergris Caye Belize 

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