Frequently Asked Questions

We know that it may be difficult navigating through the process of planning a destination wedding. Whether you have one question or a dozen questions we are here to help you. Here are a few of our frequently asked questions if your question wasn’t answered below feel free to book a consultation call with your wedding coordinator. 

Who is the Head Coordinator at Dulce Belize Weddings?

Dulce Belize Weddings was originally known as Sweet Decorations & Events. In 2015 it was rebranded to DBW with Melody Sanchez Wolfe as Head Coordinator. However, she may assign a different day of coordinator all of which have over 3 years of experience working with Dulce Belize Weddings.

How do we begin planning?

Our planning process begins by filling out our consultation intake form, followed by booking a consultation call.

How do we book with Dulce Belize Weddings?

  • All it takes is 50% of the Coordinator fee to block your date and receive a custom proposal and pricing for vendors and services. This includes a consultation when you arrive in Belize and a walk through of your wedding venue. This secures that we will be available for your event and covers the time we take to make your custom proposal. 

  • Changes can be made to your proposal as long as there is still plenty of time. We recommend that all changes be final at least 1 month before the event. Some vendors will also require a deposit.  We require that your proposal be paid off completely one month prior to your wedding date. 

  • Once you have booked you are granted access to your Client Sheet, which helps you detail your inspiration and you are able to select the products & services you require for your wedding & our Client Website, Which will detail our products & services and links to different vendors website – however we are not limited to what we’ve presented on our client website. It’s to help you get a start on your planning! 

Do you have a cancellation policy?

In the event that the wedding is canceled for unforeseen circumstances the Bride and Groom may use payment towards another date within a two year time lapse starting on the wedding date.

What are the payment methods accepted at DBW?

Zelle & Credit Card Payments

What Products & Services do you Offer?

  • Wedding Coordinating & Design 
  • Venue Scouting
  • Nail Technician, Hair & Makeup 
  • Decorations & Flower Arrangements
  • Personalized Items & Wedding Favors
  • Catering & Menu Selection
  • Entertainment 
  • Officiate & Marriage License
  • Lighting Design 
  • To Do Lists, Event Timeline & Wedding Day Itinerary 
  • Rehearsal Coordination 
  • Photography & Videography 
  • Booking & Following up with vendors
  • Rentals 
  • Concierge Services

What are the Services your Concierge offers?

  • Accommodation Services (Hotel/Private Houses)
  • Restaurant booking
  • Arranging Spa Services
  • Tours (Scuba diving, Snorkeling, Mainland etc.)
  • Golf Cart Rentals 
  • Flights/ Boat Transfers
  • Groceries Delivery
  • Covid Tests & More

What Wedding Events do you provide services for?

  • Wedding Rehearsals
  • Rehearsal dinners
  • Brunch
  • Welcome Reception 
  • Paint Parties

What Type of Weddings do you have Experience Planning?

  • Civil Unions 
  • Vow Renewals
  • Cultural Weddings 
  • Elopements 
  • Intimate & Large Weddings
  • Eco Friendly Weddings
  • Mainland Weddings
  • Military Weddings
  • Same Sex Weddings
  • Double Weddings
  • Religious & Non Religious Weddings 

What Paperwork is Required to get Married in Belize?

A Belize Wedding license is internationally recognized! You may contact your officiant directly upon booking.  To obtain a special license to get married in Belize…

Both parties must be in the country three (3) work days prior to filing the petition of the license. All documents required must be original documents, but certified copies with lifted seal of the original documents are acceptable.


For those who aren’t in the country for three days, it is possible to apply for a Special License (for an additional fee) Application forms will be emailed to you from your officiant or Coordinator. Completed forms along with the items in the following list must be presented to the General Registry  (officiant will do this on your behalf).

Your Belize wedding will be conducted by a Justice of the Peace, and you will leave Belize with a Marriage License. After the documents are formally submitted to the Belize Marriage Registry, they will be mailed to you.

If neither party has been previously married:

  • Fully completed Marriage license application form notarized by Justice of the Peace (we will take care of this)

  • Photocopy of your passport showing your profile picture in color and date of arrival in Belize (we will meet with you to get this)

  • Original Copy of your birth certificate 

If either party has been previously married:

  • Fully completed Marriage license application form notarized by Justice of the Peace (we will take care of this)

  • Photocopy of your passport showing your profile picture in color and date of arrival in Belize (we meet with you to get this)

  • A Copy of Original Divorce Decree

  • Original Copy of your birth certificate 

If either party is a widow or widower:

    Fully completed Marriage license application form notarized by Justice of the Peace (officiant will take care of this)

  • Photocopy of your passport showing your profile picture in color and date of arrival in Belize (we will meet you to get this)

  • A Copy of Original Death Certificate

  • Original Copy of your birth certificate

PLEASE NOTE: The processing of the marriage license requires both Bride & Groom need to be in the country 3 working days before the wedding or we need to expedite the paperwork and obtain a permit

How long does it take for us to get our marriage license?

Within 9 months we sent via mail.

Will my Belize Destination Wedding be legally recognized elsewhere?

Yes, weddings in Belize are recognized and legal all over the world.

What are the requirements for witnesses?

Two witnesses are required for any wedding ceremony, If you are travelling alone and cannot arrange witnesses the DBW team will be more than willing to assist. 

What time do most weddings occur in Belize?

We recommend a 4:00pm to 4:30pm ceremony. This will allow post-ceremony photos to be taken by early sunset. However, we can accommodate setup and services to whichever time you request.

What are your elopement packages?

Sailboat Wedding

Sandbar Wedding

Beach Wedding

Mayan Ruin Wedding

What are your mainland packages?

Waterfall Weddings | request a quote

Maya Ruin Weddings | request a quote

What are your Vow Renewal Packages?

Just Us

Island Love

Circle of Love

Forever Love

Can I add or subtract items & services from DB Wedding Packages?

Yes you are eligible to, we are here to serve you and make your day as unique as possible!

Are there professional photographers & Videographers in Belize?

Yes, there is! We work with only the best photographers & videographers. We are on a first-name basis with most photographers & Videographers therefore DBW can let you know about their availability within 24 hours.


Jose Luis Zapata — Conch Creative — Leonardo Melendez, Monica Gallardo — Frozen Instant — Oliver Rusu — Haydee Lu. 


Efrain Gomez 

Is there a possibility it will rain for my wedding?

Unfortunately we do not have an app to predict the weather however we have a ‘machete superstition’  and so far it has worked! We do understand that on your wedding day the last thing you want is RAIN! Don’t you worry about uncontrollable situations. DBW is ready to improvise and still grant you an experience worth your while. Plus, sometimes cloudy skies can give a great ambience to your wedding photos.

What type of Flowers are locally available?

We have a variety of flowers locally available however it will all depend on the season. To name a few we have bougainvilleas, gingers (red, white & pink), Heliconias, Ixoras, Orchids, Lobster Claw & delonix regia (Flamboyant Tree). We can also provide imported flowers as long as they are in season such as birds of paradise, roses, lilies & more, these require an extra fee.

Can I bring down my own wedding decorations & favors?

Yes you can if you wish. Most brides only bring small customized favors as there are custom laws that will require you to pay taxes and duties on these items and/or they might be confiscated if they are deemed as commercial items