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Bad Weather On My Wedding Day

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The most frequently asked question from my clients is “You can control the weather, right?”Sure I can” and I pull out an imaginary weather control app and attempt to dial down the wind!
While I like to joke about controlling the weather and have used many superstitious tricks to ward off rain that includes burying silverware on the corner of the venue, making a cross with a machete in front of the rain cloud, and my personal favorite wearing red panties on the wedding day to ward of rain! 

What can I say I just do them all it can’t hurt right and while I can’t really control the weather, I do have some tips that can make it less of a nuisance. Over the years I have also come up with some innovative ways to make sure the weather does not completely ruin your Wedding Day on Ambergris Caye Belize.

Prepare Before The Wedding Day!

When looking for a wedding venue consider the number of guests you will have, and choose your venue wisely. Make sure that the venue does have a backup indoor or covered space that can fit all your guests. If your venue doesn’t have a backup option for rain make sure there is space on the property for tents. Don’t book a private house that has no space for large tents and you can’t fit all your guests in your 2-bedroom condo.

Choose A Venue, That's Versatile!

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Check The Weather Forecast!

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Invest in things that will make the day much more comfortable. If it looks like it’s typically rainy on your wedding date, buy matching umbrellas for your bridal party and a few clear umbrellas for guests. Make sure you bring shoes that will be easy to walk in on wet docks or maybe even a little mud. During really hot temperatures provide umbrellas, fans, and cold water for your guests. While it’s nice to have a little breeze on your wedding day, there are a few months that the wind is pretty strong which makes it impossible to keep anything down. Trust us when we tell you we need to build a palm frond wall, it works miraculously even with the strongest winds. We use a combination of a strong fabric and Palm leaves which also creates a cozy atmosphere for your wedding. This is something that islanders have done for generations for special occasions to block the wind, especially in March and April when we get significantly strong winds. 

Adjust To The Weather On The Wedding Day!

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  1. GO WITH THE FLOW. In all of my years as a wedding coordinator, it has never rained nonstop. There are always breaks between the rains when we can have the ceremony so be flexible and ready to go whenever there is a break. We will either have to delay the ceremony slightly or if everyone is ready to go and the clouds look far enough away we start before the rain.  We had one wedding where we started cocktail hour under the tent and then moved on to the ceremony! Guests love it when I tell them they can start drinking lol. 

2. BE PREPARED. If it looks like rain, Tell guests to make sure they bring an extra shirt or towel in their bags. We always have rags to wipe chairs in case of slight rain. The rain here is very refreshing and we have had many guests just enjoy it and keep dancing, however, it’s nice to get dry and change your shirt for the drive home.

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3. RELAX & EMBRACE THE WEATHER! Have fun, and make the best of it! Trust the professionals you have hired. Your photographer and coordinator have worked in the worst weather conditions, we can handle it! We are ready for anything. Your wedding can still be fun and you will have great stories to tell. Even better I think Rainy days have the most dramatic backdrops and most beautiful skies for photos.

Even in bad weather, As long as the D.J. is under a covered area and you and your guests are ready to keep the party going everything will work out. You set the tone if you are focused on celebrating Love then so will everyone else and that is a testament to your marriage. Things will not always turn out perfect and we can only control how we are going to react. So dance, make memories, and enjoy your day! You will have great stories to tell!

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